our promise

At the heart of our business is our promise to our clients and our candidates. We believe that every interaction matters so it’s important to make it count. Your staff are the bloodline of your business and we want to make sure you have the right fit.

We take the time to understand your business needs, your culture and your values. We research every single role so that we are on top of our game when it comes to our ever evolving employment market. All this, while maintaining professionalism, commitment and effective communication throughout the whole recruitment process.

your candidate search

Each role is assigned to a dedicated consultant who specialises in that area. We’ll work with you to identify your requirements, gaining a full understanding of your job brief to find the best fit for the role.

We will then send you our finalised job brief for approval before we start our candidate search. We are headhunters, we target the correct audience through various means including linkedin, job boards, social media and events.

going the extra mile

Conducting in-depth interviews is key to finding the right fit for both candidate and client. By understanding the candidate’s long-term goals, along with their motivations and hobbies, we really get to know them, helping us to achieve the best possible match.

From there, we’ll send you our proposed candidates, organise interviews and update all parties on progress.

At this stage, feedback is key from both candidate and client – we ensure we provide honest open lines of communication.

Once all parties are happy to proceed, we’ll finalise everything. We send offer letters, start dates and contracts.

It’s important for our team to gain feedback from our clients and candidates so that we can learn and improve our service. We aim to build long-term relationships and support you by making sure that you have the right people in place.

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